About Angelini, Ori + Abate

The law firm of Angelini, Ori + Abate (AOA) is comprised of a highly aggressive and gifted team of national trial attorneys and litigators. Their record of results speaks for itself. Our attorneys are highly talented and experienced, with an unparalleled history of success and satisfied clients. When the firm has accepted your case, your team of attorneys work tirelessly to thoroughly investigate the facts and legal issues of your case, while always seeking to maximize your result. The firm’s partners bring over 75 years of experience to the practice of law and our attorneys have obtained well in excess of $100 million dollars in verdicts and settlements for our clients. Their team of associate attorneys is equally as aggressive and talented, all having been hired though their law student internship program, and each specializes in different areas of the law.

We Care About Our Clients

AOA clients come from a broad range of ethnicities, occupations and demographics. This broad range of people who become AOA clients also become part of the AOA family. The firm is dedicated to the proposition that it represent each and every individual client or business with the highest level of honesty, passion, knowledge and commitment.

The firm’s success is rooted in the thousands of clients who return or continue to refer others to us for representation, counsel and advice. Most law firms of our stature only boast about the numerous multi-million dollars awards they have obtained for their clients. While AOA’s results match any of their competitors in this regard, they choose to also introduce themselves to you as lawyers and people who pledge to provide the highest level of care and concern to you during the most difficult of times and when it matters most. They are willing to travel throughout the country to meet with you and to prosecute your case.

  • Brain Injury $12 Million

    12 Million Dollars recovered for a 6 year old child who sustained an anoxic brain injury due to professional negligence.

  • Highway Trucking Accident $4 Million

    4 Million Dollar settlement for father age 30 whose child was killed in a highway trucking accident in Indiana.

  • Hospital & Physician Negligence $11 Million

    11 Million Dollars recovered for a male age 50 victim of hospital and physician negligence.

  • Hypoxic Brain Injury $9.8 Million

    9.8 Million Dollars recovered for an child age 9 who sustained a hypoxic brain injury due to hospital and physician negligence.

  • Pedestrian Accident 2.5 Million

    2.5 Million Dollar settlement (structured) to a minor pedestrian who sustained a severe pelvic fracture when she was struck by a school bus she had exited.

  • Trucking Accident $3.3 Million

    3.3 Million recovered for the widow of 59 year old male victim of a trucking accident.

What Our Clients Say

  • “I would recommend John Hillock and this firm to anyone for a workers compensation case!”

    - Dominic P.
  • “Mr. Justin Green who has fought my battles from the beginning to the end not only is he a lawyer but He makes me feel like family and that’s what matters.”

    - S. Dumas
  • “Fights for You”

    - Bill W.