COVID-19 &
Worker's Compensation

What are the rights of essential and frontline workers who have contracted COVID-19 in the course of their employment?

Essential and Frontline workers who have contracted COVID-19 in the course of their employment are generally entitled to the same benefits under the Workers Compensation Act and Occupational Disease Act as other workers injured in the course of their employment.  These include temporary total disability benefits of 2/3 their gross average wage while off work, the payment of related medical expenses, awards or settlement for permanency, and death benefits, if applicable.

Although the law is in flux on this issue, currently, an employee must establish that more likely than not they contracted COVID-19 as a result of exposure at work.  This may depend on the worker’s job, exposure to the public, exposure to infected individuals, and other possible exposure outside of work.

If you or a family member has contracted COVID-19 while performing an essential service, please contact us to discuss what benefits may be available to you.  312-621-0000, or

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